Welcome to DSiKAKE (by cezellen)

Welcome to dsikake by cezellen

CHANGED MY EMAIL!!! ATTENION: MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO GET ON FOR A WHILE. IVE BEEN BUSY ILL GET TO U WHEN I CAN. Im kinda grounded from everything so I sneak on to do this.::::: SIGN UP TO POST IN FORUMS!!~~  NEWS!!! I may be adding a smaller version of the site if i can find one, so  keep a lookout for that. Some people have said shoutbox is not working, so email me exactly how its not working, and ill see if i can fix it.                   

  Hey, Welcome to DSiKake. (I know its a weird name lol but couldnt think of anything) Click forums to post in forums, click games to go to games for DSi (they all work I tested them) This is Version 1

 If theres anything wrong with the site, or you have questions, you can contact me at mailto:cezellen@comcast.net